Welcome to The Neuron Forest. I'm remaining loosely anonymous for now, just for fun. Or maybe you found this through my personal website... in which case I'm not anonymous whatsoever.

I started this blog on Notion primarily to reduce barriers to writing. I can just create a new page and it's live instantly. There is no overhead to publication, which is probably what I need as I begin to write more formally. The other benefits are fast loading for the reader, no ads, and an extremely clean interface. There are also commenting features that I may choose to enable eventually.

Take a look at the categories below.

Self Technologies

What is technology for the self?

Info Viz

My Quantified Relationships: A Step Towards Interpersonal Informatics

Interpersonal Informatics Self-Design Study

Social Technologies

Social Informatics Interfaces

Posts About Notion

How to delete an inline link in Notion

Organizational Culture

The Great Resignation and the Erosion of the Corporate American Ego

Design Journal

A Log of Bad Designs I've Experienced

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